ATF – Checking the 15 Minute Wait Box

by Betye Bailey

We are often asked the proper way to address the 15 minute wait check box in Step 3 of the DOT Alcohol Testing Form.

ODAPC has informally stated that “the intent of the 15 minute wait boxes in Step 3 of the Federal ATF was for the BAT to indicate whether or not the 15 minute wait was observed between the screening and confirmation tests. There is no requirement for the BAT to complete the 15 minute wait boxes when the screening test result is less than 0.020”.

ODAPC has not published this response in any of the questions and answer guidance to date. If you would like written clarification on this or any other section of 49 CFR Part 40, you can always contact ODAPC directly at 202.366.3784 or by email at

Betye Bailey
About Betye Bailey
Betye Bailey is the Corporate Training Manager for Intoximeters. She prepares and maintains course curriculums and conducts training for both the law enforcement and workplace/industrial markets as well as functioning as the regulatory compliance support contact for DOT, NRC and USCG customers. Betye has trained over 6,500 BATs, Instructors and Collectors in her tenure at Intoximeters.