By Betye Bailey

Calibration Logbook Essentials for Workplace Testing

It always surprises us when we discover an alcohol testing program that does not utilize a logbook for their EBT (Evidential Breath Tester). This missing documentation can lead to problems if faced with an audit or legal proceedings. Programs which fail to document their quality assurance practices properly are out of compliance with 49 CFR Part 40.233(c)(4). The term “logbook” in this context refers to a Calibration Logbook. A Calibration Logbook keeps records of accuracy checks, calibrations, and instrument maintenance. This is a different document from a BAT logbook, which holds records of every test and function conducted with a particular device.    Read more

By Betye Bailey

How to Perform an Accuracy Check – Alco-Sensor VXL

Training at Intox Training Academy includes the basics of a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and also covers procedures for performing Accuracy Checks for your Alco-Sensor VXL. Understanding these procedures is very important to the health of your Testing Program, and its defensibility. For that reason, we are sharing the video clip below, directly from our training program, as a refresher on these procedures.    Read more